Kids Educational Engagement Project (KEEP) in Liberia

Kids Educational Engagement Project (KEEP) in Liberia is a local grassroot initiative started by Brenda Moore.


Brenda started this initiative in September 2014 when she was tutoring her two boys at home and felt that other kids in her community were just as idle but lacked the basic educative supplies and tutoring to keep their minds engaged due to economic constraints. Brenda started putting together ‘educational packets’ based on grade levels and started delivering these packets personally door to door in the various communities in Monrovia. See photos from the distribution to the right (click to enlarge).


Thus far she has provided 2,200 start up educative kits and there are still hundreds more needed. KEEP targets kids from ABC (nursery) to 6th grades Each educative kit cost $5.00 usd total and includes:

1 box of crayon

2 pencils

1 sharpener

1 eraser

1 exercise book

1 Assorted coloring pages

1 Royal Primer book

1 ABC tracing book

1 assorted math worksheet (counting, number sequence, etc.)

1 set of Math worksheets

1 set of Reading/Language worksheets


With no government support, Brenda is for now relying on private citizens and friends she wrote personally who have been responding in both cash and supplies. Every donation counts and has an impact because this project not only keeps the children education going, but also keeps them engaged at home so they do not go out and potentially get and/or spread the Ebola virus.


CARD Europe believes that education is the key to alleviate poverty, and is determined to support Brenda's initiative Kids Educational Engagement Project (KEEP) in Liberia by helping her to raise the necessary funds.


We therefore ask you to join us and K.E.E.P. in helping the children get their education in the time of Ebola. Please mark your donations to our account with KEEP.

Thank you!