Computer Training Centre - Monrovia


Computer Training Centre in Monrovia

During the Ebola crisis, we experienced that many lives were lost due to ignorance of how the disease spread and how people could protect themselves.


Information and knowledge could therefore have helped immensely in curbing the spread of the Ebola. Knowing the efficiency of digital sharing of information, we are therefore convinced that access to and knowledge of computers and internet could have made a huge difference in saving lives.


With that as a background, CARD shipped in December 2015 64 complete desktops and 28 laptops for both a computer training centre in Monrovia and a youth centre in Sierra Leone.


We appreciate all the help from Fair Norge, for helping us with PC's, Engineers Without Borders, for arranging technical assistance, and in particular we would like to thank Trygve Flathen (EWB) and the CARD Liberia team for doing the installations.


CARD Liberia offers computer training for 200 school children in co-operation with schools in Monrovia. The word is already going in the city about the 'Norwegian Computer Centre'.


The training centre has opened, but the frequent power outages is a challenge! Our aim is therefore to purchase a solar system to power the computers. Such a system will provide stable power and it will show people that a solar system will be a good alternative to traditional solutions.


A solar system to power the training centre is estimated to US$ 25,000, and we hope to achieve US$ 10,000 via donations.


If you would like to support our work in providing a computer training centre for school children in Monrovia, you are welcome to donate. We would certainly appreciate it, the school children would love it, and the community would be better prepared for the future, e.g. should Ebola return.


All donors will receive information about the developments, and in addition, we will draw winners among the donators of US$30 or more (provided we reach at least 75% of the goal) by end of December 2016, and the prizes are:


US$100 or more (one winner):

1. One week stay in Monrovia for one person to see and experience the centre, the atmosphere and the city.


US$30 - 100 (three winners):

2. A Waka-Waka Power. A solar lamp and mobile charger donated by NIDECO.


US$1 - 30 (all winners):

3. A CARD Europe certificate of appreciation.




The CARD Liberia enthusiastic supportive staff per 29.03.2016

The Computer Training Centre, per 29.03.2016

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